Saturday, 27 April 2013

MAC Haul!

 Hey there! Here is a quick haul of five products I purchased from MAC earlier this week! Apologies for the iPhone quality photos today, this is just a once off! 
1. MAC Lipstick in 'MYTH' (Satin Finish)- I was in dire need of a quality nude lipstick and after doing some research A LOT of people recommended this lipstick! I will probably do a full post on this including swatches when I get my camera back! I also wanted to buy Coral Bliss, but unfortunately they were all sold out :(
2. MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW20-  Three concealers currently own are now all on their last legs (of course knowing my luck this happens to all of them at the same time.) I've always been keen to try this particular concealer and figured well, there is no time like the present! Although their are some mixed reviews on this product -I'm sure I'll give my 2 cents down the track! (I hope that was the right saying)
3.  MAC Pro Colour x 4 Compact- I have mentioned this in passing before, but I am slowly making the transition from potted eyeshadows to pan form. This is mainly they are looking too cluttered in my drawer, I think the new palettes look super sleek and you save $10 per eyeshadow if you buy the pan form! It was a win-win situation
4. MAC Eyeshadow in CARBON (Matte Finish)- This is just a basic eye shadow that every girl needs. I'm not sure why I put off buying it for so long, but I have already used it and adore it! It a true matte black with no undertones, its perfect and so versatile!

5. MAC 217 Blending Brush- This is actually my second 217 brush, I purchased another earlier this year and fell in love! I use it so often it's crazy, hence why I needed to buy another! It is the best blending brush I've every used, hiiiiiiighly recommend!

 That's all for my short and sweet MAC Haul, I think my purse was pleased I used A LOT of self control...I swear I would buy the entire store if I could. I am quite curious though, what is your favourite product from MAC, anything you would like to recommend me? :D
Have a lovely weekend!

Ashleigh xo

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  1. Really need to try out the MAC brushes- love what you got!! :)