Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Soap & Glory's Soaper Heroes Gift Set Review

 Hey there! About a month ago, I ventured to the heavenly Mecca Cosmetica and came across this godsend,  Soap & Glory's 'Soaper Heroes' gift set  (AU$34.95 OR £13.00) b. A while ago I made a wishlist post which contained a couple of the products found in this gift set, so when I found it I knew I had to buy it! It is basically just an array of Soap & Glory's best sellers in smaller travel/sample sized products. It is perfect for those who, like me, are scared of commitment, so you can just try out the products and see what you like before you commit to a huge full sized product. Genius, I know!
A quick rundown of what you get:
Top (left-right): 'Flake Away' body scrub & 'The Righteous Butter' body butter
Bottom (left-right: 'Girligo' moisturising body mist, 'Clean On Me' shower gel & 'Hair Supply' hair repair mask.

Flake Away body scrub (50mL)
This is possibly my new favourite exfoliator, I usually use it before applying fake tan or when trying to remove it and it works a treat! It is very much a basic sugar scrub that smells divine  but it may leave a slight oily residue if you don't wash it off properly.

 The Righteous Butter body butter (50mL)
This is also a gorgeous product, it does a great job of doing what it is supposed to; moisturising! It is pleasantly scented but nothing too overpowering. I can't really fault this product.

Girligo moisturising body mist (75mL)
I have never tried anything like this product before and to be honest it was probably what I was least excited about getting, but I think I was too quick to judge. It has a very fresh, clean scent and lightly moisturises the skin. I have used this a could of times in conjunction with The Righteous Butter prior to fake tanning. I spray this stuff all over my extremities and then only use The Righteous Butter on drier areas such as my knees. It has made such a difference with the longevity and seamlessness of my fake tan and my skin loves me for it, so I am one happy girl. 

Clean On Me shower gel (100mL)
This is described as a skin softening shower gel and it does just that! I really like the clean scent, so you don't have to worry about it clashing with your perfume or some other scented product and it lathers nicely.

Hair Supply hair mask (50mL)
This hair mask can be left in for 3+ minutes for a deep condition or you can use it on a more regular basis and use it as though you would conditioner. It makes my hair feel like I just left the salon, I reeeeeeeally like it, but it does tend to make my hair that little bit oilier quicker. This would be great for those with dry hair though!

Overall I am extremely happy with this purchase, I will definitely be going back a repurchasing some of the full sized products once these travel sizes run out. This was my first time purchasing Soap & Glory and I was really impressed. It was cheaper than I expected (only AU$34.95 OR £13.00) but that doesn't compromise the quality of the products. I wouldn't call them luxurious but they are better than a lot of products I have tried in the past and that are on the market! Sorry I talk so much, next time I'll try and have a shorter post hahaha.
I hope you are all doing well!
Ashleigh xo