Sunday, 9 June 2013

Year Twelve Formal

Hey there! Last Friday was quite an memorable one, as it was my Year 12 Formal! The entire year level got dressed up, ate a delicious dinner and danced the night away. It was a great night seeing everyone all looking their best and there was a photo booth that printed out polaroids, a candy bar and top notch d-floor. Anywho, I just thought I might share what I wore, it was only a semi-formal event, so no silk gowns were necessary (and I believe this is the first photo I've posted of myself on my blog, which is exciting)!

Dress: Blesse'd Are The Meek 'Holey Smoke' Black Maxi Dress
I really love this dress, it was a really soft material and as you can see it has a reverse razor back with a huge slit  and some key hole cut outs. I really like maxi dresses, I wish I wore them more and this one you can dress up or down!

Shoes: ALDO 'Servedio' Coral Wedges
These were a little hard to find, as in Australia we are heading into winter so open toes shoes and coral in general is getting a bit scarce, but luckily about a week before the night I got my hands on these bad boys. It was a good decision wearing wedges I feel, because they were so easy to walk in and were comfortable so I could enjoy the night without sooking about sore feet

Clutch: ALDO 'Landaverde' Clutch
This clutch was just staring at me when I was trying on the shoes in ALDO and then when the shop assistant told me it was 50% off, I knew I had to get it.

Nails: Shellac Tropix (fingers) & Black Pool (toes)

Make Up: Napoleon
My make up was done by my brother's girlfriend, who is a Napoleon Makeup artist, I wish I had a close up of the look but of coooourse I forgot. The eyeshadows she used were absolutely gorgeous, she used the Swan Lake Prismatic Quad, which I am seriously considering purchasing it myself!

The very last thing I wanted to mention was I got my first ever spray tan! I couldn't have been happier with how it turned out! Some tips I have are to make sure you exfoliate a boat load everywhere the night before and in terms of timing, I got mine done on the Wednesday afternoon for a Friday night event.

I think that's just about everything, overall it was an excellent night! It really made me realise what an excellent year level I have and how much I am going to miss every single person next year! I love every so much and before I get too emotional I think I'm going to end it here! Enjooooy your weekend!
Ashleigh xo 


  1. You look gorgeous! :) I love your outfit.. Hope you had a fabulous night!

  2. aw I'm blushing!
    It was a greeeeat night thank you :D